How Role-Playing At Administrative Assistant & Customer Service Transformed Me Into A “Can Do” Executive Administrative Assistant!

After many years of playing boss and assistant with my younger sister, trading roles day after day, we had amassed a huge box of files for the fictitious problems we solved as well as the copiously chronicled meeting notes, final determinations, and invoices for our services. 

We had lots of time to develop the characters we morphed into when we played “office” way back then as we were always in trouble and getting grounded for weeks at a time; sequestered to the attic bedroom we shared.  You know the one without air conditioning or adequate ventilation.  To make matters worse, the walls were lined with knotty pine; a light colored wood with dark knots riddled through it in random patterns.  The biggest problem being in that room was we “saw” things in those random patterns that scared the bejesus out of us.  We had to come up with intricate games to pass the time and take our minds off of the scary details revealed to us on the walls, especially when school wasn’t in session and we had 8-12 hours of quiet time to fill. 

 I had a chance to review that box of files when my parents moved out of our original home when I was in my late teens and marveled at how intricate and complex a system we had!  We cross-referenced files under the client name as well the subject of the issue, i.e., pet-related.  This way we could do research on all pet- related and/or all particular client specific issues more easily.  We came to the conclusion we needed this redundancy as we had a heck of a time trying to research all pet-related events one day.  We were pretty darn smart even back then! 

Looking back on the entire role playing scenario, we had already defined ourselves as customer service/administrative professionals with a propensity to improve our processes as needed to increase our efficiencies way back then.  It certainly is true that necessity is the mother of invention.  And the need to increase efficiency has stayed with me all these years. 

 As a successful executive administrative assistant, you MUST be able to increase your efficiencies to expedite the time it takes you to complete your duties so you can take on more responsibility/tasks as well as increase your worth by saving the company money.  I’ve saved money for every company I’ve ever worked for by improving processes.

 It’s just that simple, especially if you want to excel!


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