Administrative Tips – To Be The Best You Can Be!

Administrative Assistant/Customer Service Tips:
1. Do you have good phone etiquette? Who’s on the other end of the phone? You never know….Answer with a smile; you can hear it in your voice!
2. Always, always be on time! It shows your dedication, professionalism, and how you like to get a jump on things.
3. As I said before, be on time – even better – get in early. Get the office ready for everyone else; lights/copier on, coffee made, etc.
4. Dress professionally. People will know you are serious about your role and the positive impact you want to make on its customers.
5. Have a good, no a GREAT attitude. This will make people want to be around you, especially your boss! Makes the job easier too.
6. Keep your workspace neat and organized – this implies you are organized and ready to go in an instant!
7. Know your expectations/boundaries – ask if you aren’t 100% clear – this solves problems before they start.
8. Make suggestions on improvements – show your initiative on how you can save the company money – bosses LOVE to save money!
9. Suggest a monthly company newsletter – offer to spearhead it – perhaps have dept heads nominate employee of the month/criteria?
10. Offer to take courses in a skill that might make you more valuable to your boss, i.e., Publisher. You could create marketing materials.
11. Learn to anticipate your boss’s needs. This is a skill that takes dedication and is invaluable to a busy executive!
12. Really develop your follow-up skills. Ask your boss if/when you should follow-up on an item and be sure to do it!13. Set reminders for your bosses scheduled off-site meetings to let him know when he needs to leave – he’ll really thank you for that one!
14. Check the ground rules for when you can interrupt him during a closed door session. Define his emergency interruption criteria.
15. Get a list of people your boss wants to speak to no matter what. Conversely, find out who he wants you to take a message from.
16. Write suggested responses to your boss’s simple business correspondence – this will save him precious time.
17. Be well-versed in Microsoft Office – take online courses to perfect your skills. Check out HP- it’s FREE! –
18. Go the extra distance…when your boss rushes in for an early conference call, get him a cup of coffee or tea. He will be very grateful!
19. Make a point NEVER to run out of ANYTHING. Stock items like batteries for wireless mice or a “stash” of Post It Notes.
20. Always, always try to exceed expectations whether it’s for internal or external customers – it goes a long way in being recognized!
21. Never be afraid to ask if you can challenge your boss’s thinking – it might give him a different perspective on the issue.


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