Are You Passionate About Your Job?

Are You Passionate About Your Job?

It’s easy to sustain passion about your job.  At least it is for me.  Being an Executive Administrative Assistant running, literally running, from task to task and completing each with excellence, provides me with a deep sense of satisfaction and feeds my passion.

You see, I thoroughly enjoy my position as it regularly presents multiple challenges, ever-changing needs, and constant shifts in priorities; all within a spiraling and fast-paced environment.  It fuels, motivates, and provides me with the daily satisfaction I need to eagerly face whatever tomorrow will bring.  Not knowing what that might be or morph into is half the fun!

I make a daily list of what needs to get done and I absolutely love to check off each item when it’s complete.  A little piece of satisfaction is doled out each time I cross off an item.

Providing my boss with what he needs even before he knows he needs it fuels my passion.  Making sure I keep him on track and he accomplishes what he set out to accomplish fuels my passion.  Knowing he has complete confidence that I will take care of his every need with disciplined professionalism fuels my passion.

It fuels my passion to know that my co-workers know I will assist them as needed and even help them out of a bind with a smile.  Saving time and money for the company fuels my passion.  Who wouldn’t think that making a contribution on a daily basis wouldn’t be a great thing?

Taking care of a busy executive is what I wanted to do even as a young girl.  It’s what my sister and I role-played instead of playing with dolls.  We pretended to solve problems, we pretended to talk with customers, and kept actual files of all our pretend activities.  It fueled our passion for customer service way back then.

It’s who I am, what I love to do, do well, and it’s truly what I am passionate about!


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