Court Delayed……

As if it weren’t enough we have to go through this entire court ordeal in the first place, now it has been delayed!  Our lawyer went to our hearing on Friday, June 12th to offer “oral arguments” and for whatever reason, the motion was transferred to another judge.

Court rules indicate that the motion to vacate should go before the same judge that granted the objectionable order.  However, it was transferred to another Judge and this Judge’s court attendant explained that once he got the motion, he placed it on the June 25, 2010 motion list for whatever reason.

Now we have to live an additional two weeks with knotted stomachs and angst in our hearts not knowing the outcome of this horrid mess.

They say God never gives us more than we can handle and I KNOW that I’m a strong woman, but sheesh, I’m starting to wonder how much I’m expected to endure.

This is such a make or break situation.  If they win – they take everything we own now and will own in the future for something we had no knowledge of or control over – how can I ever come to terms with that?

Again, I ask for your thoughts and prayers that justice is served and we prevail.  I thank you in advance for your kinds thoughts and wish you well in return.



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