Beware Sauter Custom Tile is now SCT Remodeling

Bullnose issue - Crooked RecessSwitchplate due to short cutMore uneven somerset joints and cracksFaucet groutPlease see my post on this blog “Beware of Todd Sauter of Sauter Custom Tile” as he has now changed his company name to SCT Remodeling –

Bad grouting to cover up broken glass in corner

Beware, beware, beware of this man and his work – he may have some positive reviews, but that is not the case in my TWO projects – take a chance if you dare but in my opinion he is the worse Ohio contractor doing business in the greater Cincinnati area.


2 Responses to “Beware Sauter Custom Tile is now SCT Remodeling”

  1. Jerry woods Says:

    Lady must be a chronic complainer, I love this company

    • berniewarren Says:

      Did you see the pictures? You think that was quality work? It seems some of his jobs turn out nicely but mine DID NOT – take your chances….

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