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Stay away from Todd Sauter aka SCT Remodeling – why….look at his work

January 16, 2016

Here is a picture of the bathroom that Todd Sauter of Sauter Custom Tiles aka SCT Remodeling did on my bathroom – please note the recess and accent tiles are crooked (Click to enlarge image)!:

Crooked Recess-4

And this is a picture of the bathroom on SCT Tile’s site ( ) which Todd touts is “HIS” work (I’m guessing he might have downloaded this image on some other remodeling site given how he did my bathroom ( ):

Sauter Bathroom

You decide if you want this company to do ANY work in your home!!! I’m recommending you DON’T based on the two projects done horribly in my home.


Conan honors the great David Bowie

January 16, 2016