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Do The Police Have A Right To Lie To You? Shouldn’t you be able to trust the man supposed to keep you safe and protect you?

March 1, 2015

While driving to dinner recently feeling loving and happy, we chatted about the wonderful dinner we expected to have and what we might chose to eat.

We had just turned into an Industrial Park and passed a Fairfield police patrol car. Suddenly the cruiser turned around and pulled us over.

The officer approached the car and asked if we knew why we were pulled over and my husband asked if we might have been going faster than the posted limit (he truly was not sure as it is an industrial park and there was no speed limit sign)? The officer responded “I clocked you at 42 in a 25” very sternly. I came closer to the window and explained “we were going out to dinner and had been happily chatting, not intentionally speeding, certainly not in a hurry and asked for leniency.”

The officer, once again very sternly replied, “I clocked you on radar and since all my actions are recorded I am unable to do that – I HAVE to give you a ticket.” As it turns out, a police officer friend of mine confirmed that was NOT TRUE.  A police officer’s radar does not dictate his actions unless he determines action is required!

Now, we will concede we exceeded the speed limit BUT it was NOT intentional and it was in an industrial park at 6:30 PM where one would never expect the speed limit to be 25 with no traffic.  We also realize ignorance is not an excuse, but once the officer saw hubby had no tickets, warnings, or accidents in the last 30 years – he could have provided the requested leniency for “accidentally” speeding.

This is especially disconcerting when someone responds to your story and relays a tale about the time they got pulled over for speeding and their tags were expired but the officer let them go with a “promise” they would get their tags renewed the next day – no ticket – no warning  – and all it took was a promise.

Does anyone else see something wrong with this picture?

I truly believe a police officer’s responsibilities are to provide safety to all people in his jurisdiction, stop real criminals, fight the drug war, prevent crime, ticket blatant unsafe drivers, and protect and serve the innocent – not tell lies to the people in the township who pay his salary, namely you and me.


A Court-case update!

June 26, 2010
We won our court case and the lien on the house will be dismissed! I can’t tell you what a load off my mind that is….they won’t be able to take our house, all of our money or come back and sue again! Oh yeah what a great beginning to a wonderul weekend! Thank you all for your well wishes and prayers – they worked!!! <B>
Here’s what the Judge said:
“While the court is concerned over the amount of time that has expired since the events that prompted this litigation, it cannot permit a default judgment to persist in light of such obvious defects.  The defects arise not from the acts of the Plaintiff’s counsel, but rather from the miscommunications in the defendant never knowing until recently that he had been sued for dog bite injuries he did not own, nor one he did not have reason to know was at his property.

Consequently, viewing this motion with the liberality by our Rules and striving to reach a just result, the default judgment should be vacated.”

My justice scale

It’s actually the first time in my life that I’ve seen the scale of  justice tip in my direction!