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Justin Timberlake – my fav!

February 12, 2018

Justin Bieber & James Corden’s Post-Grammys Drive

February 11, 2018

Looking GOOD boys!!

Justin Bieber & James Corden CarPool Karaoke Vol 2

February 11, 2018

Love it !!!

A Poem For Lynn

April 30, 2017

I wrote this for a friend who was unable to put his feelings for his wife into words, so I wrote this to give to his wife:

A poem for Lynn

While pouring drinks at the Iguana
I searched and searched
For my “nirvana”

A quick glance out the side of my eye
A picture-perfect woman I did spy!!

The day it happened, my heart skipped a beat;
And I knew at once my life was complete.

I wooed you quickly as your scent filled my head
And off I carried you to my bed.

I treasure your love and our life;
So glad I found you and
Made you my wife.

We’ve shared so much;
Our ups and our downs
A heart full of smiles
As well as some frowns

I love you now as did back then
More in fact, again and again.

Lynn, you are a gift from up above
My one and only lifetime love.

Bernie Warren

Boo Boo Buddy

April 30, 2017

I have a friend who is very ill- so I sent her a get well card and included a “Boo Boo Buddy” (small ice pack) and the following poem I wrote to go with it….

Put me where you’re swollen
Put me where you hurt
Put me where it’s clean
Or put me over dirt

It really doesn’t matter
Where the little thing goes.
Cause it’s a magic boo boo buddy
To cure so many woes

A very handy little ditty
For bites and stings and such;
Soothing so many ills
All with just one touch.

Put me on your temple
Put me on your toes
It’s cold and wet and
A warmth throughout it glows

It carries my wishes along with a smile
To soothe, calm, and quiet;
To make you think of better days at least for a little while

Bernie Warren

Goodbye David Letterman by Adam Sandler

December 18, 2016

Too kewl!

Adam Sandler Christmas Song

December 18, 2016

He’s such a talent!

Beware of Sauter Custom Tile aka SCT Remodeling

June 15, 2016

Conan honors the great David Bowie

January 16, 2016



Sophie in front of her “TV”

August 2, 2015

This is Sophie, our ten year old cat, who is waiting for my husband Bill, to bring the renewed water container for our humidifier. She knows that when it is inserted into the opening the water will fill the well and bubbles will ensue. It’s at that point that she goes berserk “chasing” and batting at them like they were alive. She often sits in front of the machine in the hope bubbles will begin. It’s too funny for sure!

Sophie watching...

Sophie waiting for the humidifier to bubble….